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    F O U R   R O C K S    

Finding Your Purpose and Passion and Building Confidence While Doing It



I woke up this morning around 1:30 with a burning desire to write an eBook that would motivate my clients. I’d found an old notebook where I started this process seven months ago. What made this day so much different from the others? Why did I decide to take the time to look at those words I’d labored over so profusely that were tucked away beneath the pages of an old notebook?  Why now?

I finally fell back to sleep a few hours later, and woke up once again to the same burning desire.  It was now 6am. This time I woke up feeling a little queasy, due to my illness. I began taking deep breaths trying not to let illness set in. That’s when it hit, Ding! It was a notification of an email message from Evan Carmichael, the “Believe Nation” guru from Toronto Canada. His message on that morning was “Execute your vision.”

I hadn’t read the entire email yet, as I had other visions swimming around in my mind, but it was at that moment the word lack came tumbling from my lips. It was then that resolution embraced me and to that I said, lack, limitation, illness, low confidence, low self-esteem, will no longer live in me!!!

I sat their thinking to myself, “wow where did all of this courage come from?!!” Habitually, I practice meditation and prayer each morning, but these strong confident feelings seemed to have hit me from out of no-where. It had finally dawned on me! I had it in me all along! Just like in the Wizard of Oz. I always had the courage, but never executed it until now! After all those years of negative self-talk I decided to stare confidence in the face, and see myself for whom I really was.  I had been cheating the world of all of my talents! This was a huge revelation! There are people in the world who can benefit from what I have to offer! Because of my new found self I would like to bring great value to your life and help you to see your potential, value, and purpose, and in turn you can share your new self with the world. Just as I was able to wake up with my new found passion and confidence, my hope is to help instill that into someone else.

You see, like yourself, I spent many seconds, hours, weeks, months, even years, being afraid to execute any idea that came to mind. I always second guessed, was always unsure, and never had complete confidence in my ideas and passions. Thinking back to past memories, as I lay on the couch of my first home, I pondered over and over to myself, what am I good at? I thought about this because I looked at each of my family members and I saw all of their talents but could not see mine. One of my sisters was an artist, the other was a seamstress, and she could also draw. My brother was a journalist. But I could not find my special skill even though I had a career in Social Work. This went on for many years until I finally realized that, “oh yeah I like to write,” so I began to claim writing as my talent. I recalled loving to write poetry. I even wrote a book that was never published. I only needed to finish one more chapter in order for my book to be complete, but where did it sit? Somewhere in the corner of my room and left in the corner of my mind. Another idea tucked away. Well no more will my thoughts and ideas be tucked away in a corner!

For those of you searching for purpose, or passion in life, I too felt pressure whenever someone asked me about my purpose and passion. Don’t be afraid if someone asks you to define your purpose or passion. Those are tough questions to think about, let alone actually know the answer to.  I believe that you can turn your skills and talents into your purpose and passion and then you can capitalize on them.  Your passion is something that is always there in the back of your mind. It’s something that can make you smile or make you find inspiration with just the thought. You may have a talent for knitting or cooking, which may turn into your purpose or passion.

In order to help you along on your journey I would like to share with you a few of what I call my “WISE VIBES”” that helped me find my purpose. I used these to overcome my negative self-talk while pushing through and taking action towards accomplishing my dreams.

My “WISE VIBES” include four rocks that have helped me on my journey. Now, these four rocks all literally came to me in an unusual way, which is why they became such an instrumental piece in my growth.

The first two came from the store Pier 1 Imports. While at the cash register I looked slightly to my right and noticed that there was a basket with rocks neatly placed in it. I reached in the basket not knowing what to expect and pulled out one rock that had the word Believe written across the face of it. Intrigued, I then pulled out another rock that said Dream. When I got home while glancing over a prosperity workbook I found another rock that I had taped to the pages that had Faith written across it; and I thought wow! Why was this happening? When seeking direction one might say—give me sign, or some form of validation—I was starting to think this was mine! I decided that these would be the principles that I would live my life by. But something was missing. Ah, it was Achieve so I frantically looked around my house and found an orange colored rock that I used as my achieve rock. By then, I’d determined that I could not have a mission and not achieve it. So every day when I am working towards my dreams and goals I take those rocks in my hand, place them on the table beside me, and gain strength from their meanings. This is how I use the rocks to my advantage:

In my subconscious mind I have a desire and a dream. I then believe that my dream can manifest with having faith and I can achieve that which I desire, which brings my dream to fruition. Below is how this works.

Step 1 – Write your goals on paper, because they are what you desire to do.

Step 2 – Set a date in which you would like for those goals to manifest.

Step 3 – Take action toward those goals. Build momentum. Each time that you accomplish something toward your dream, you are bringing it into the physical (something in which you can actually see). For instance if you are starting a business and you need to complete a business plan, write down a date in which you want to have that business plan complete.  Once that has been accomplished you will have the business plan in your hand.  That brings your desire into the physical being. Your next step could be to complete a website, and so on.

I had completed four years of college, received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, and went on to receive a Master’s degree having no idea that my four rocks were manifesting. My rocks became apparent to me as I became much older and encountered life’s journeys.  The four rocks became more apparent to me when I had an urge to start my own business, unfortunately I found myself afraid to step out of my comfort zone. At one point I was making a six figure income and felt complacent. I was happy that my hard work was paying off financially, but I also felt like I could do more. I told myself that I was going to retire and that I was going to be just fine, but something kept telling me that there was more out there for me and that my career path would not be my end all or be all. I did not just want to retire and settle for a check every month. Besides I love to travel and I did not want to live on a limited income.

As I thought harder and harder on the next chapter of my life in becoming an entrepreneur, I began to run into obstacles. To begin with, I knew nothing about owning my own business. I majored in Social Work and took the career path because I was not good in math. I told myself I knew nothing about accounting so how could I run a business? I also convinced myself that I was the “little guy” on the block and that no one would like my products. I also told myself, I am not well known so no one would notice me and that I was too old to start a business. I was starting to become my own worst enemy; I needed confidence and I needed it fast. So I started to think back to when I felt the most confident.

I had more confidence in myself at the age of eight when my mom had left me and my nine brothers and sisters only to be cared for by my late grandmother. I remember grandma begging the landlord for just one more day to stay in our house. I can still hear her voice as she uttered “please just give me one more day.” Grandma Bessie fought effortlessly to keep all of her grandchildren from being homeless. She finally ended up taking us to a shelter where we lived until we could find housing. When I realized that my mom was not returning, I began to worry about who was going to take care of me. In my eight-year-old eyes, I had to figure out how I was going to take care of myself.  At the age of ten I turned to the Want Ads looking for a job because even though my grandmother was there, I had to find work to take care of myself. I quickly found out that I had to be 18 to even to be considered for a job.

Once I became an adult I made sure everything I accomplished would ensure that I could always take care of myself because when my mother left, she left a hole in my life of uncertainty. I never wanted to wonder how I was going to be taken care of again. The accomplishments were secondary to the reasons why I needed to complete them.

Where did all of that confidence go? As stated earlier, the negative self-talk and doubt somehow moved right in and took the place of confidence and self-esteem. I knew that I had to get over my insecurities to even begin thinking about owning a business and sharing my talents with the world so I inspired myself through various vessels to help me on my journey. I began to read books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Another book that motivated me was Keep Moving; Allowing God to Fulfill Vision Through You by Bishop Ruth Smith Holmes. I watched YouTube videos from Evan Carmichael who taught entrepreneurs how to “Believe”. I watched motivational speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, John Barfield, and a host of others. I even have two huge vision boards picturing how I would like my future to be. I also became a part of the Ultimate Wealth Camp with Bill Walsh, thinking that I would immediately become rich. Of course that didn’t happen. What did happen at the camp was the realization that I have to put work into my own personal self-growth, and that I really needed to be educated on becoming an entrepreneur before I could even began to start a business.

In my educational journey I learned that when you envision your journey your WHY becomes important. Ask yourself the following questions: Why are you working so hard on reaching your goals and dreams? Is it for yourself, your family? Do you desire to live in a nice house with a pool?  Do you want to live in a better neighborhood? Do you want to give back to the community? Do you want to make millions or billions of dollars? Those were some of my reasons. So whatever your WHY may be, just know that it is worth the journey!

Another thing I learned was that you must be the one to take massive action towards accomplishing your goals and dreams. No matter how many classes you take and no matter how many wealth camps you attend, you have to do all the work yourself. You will soon have to turn off the YouTube videos and loosen the apron strings to make it happen. I am talking from experience. I realized, “wow I really have to put a lot of work and effort into becoming an entrepreneur.”  I had to write the business plan. I had to learn about cash flow. I had to register the business.  I had to find mentors—it is imperative that you find mentors that are doing what you desire to do and latch on to them because they have the knowledge that you are seeking to bring your business to the next level—who were already doing what I was trying to accomplish.

The most important thing that I learned in becoming an entrepreneur is that it is very important to provide great service and bring value to your customers. Knowing that your customers truly matter and providing a quality product to them is very important to the success of your business.

Last but not least my desire to be a philanthropist brings me joy as I love to give back and serve others. In hindsight, I realize that I have been serving others for quite some time without effort. My career in Social Work took me on a path to helping children and families. I also help to run a women’s shelter that provides housing to the homeless.

The following is the formula I used to help me get rid of the negative self-talk and move me forward to accomplishing my dreams. I wrote them for you who also struggle with becoming an entrepreneur. Just know that negative self-talk and low self-confidence will still somehow creep into your mind, but by continuously reciting the following phrases you can move forward in accomplishing your dreams.

When the negative self-chatter begins to take over your vision remember to keep these positive quotes in mind. At the end of the day you can be your biggest critic or your biggest cheerleader.




  • Remember the four rocks: DREAM, BELIEVE, FAITH, ACHIEVE
  • Step out on Faith to achieve your vision
  • Let your confident self out of the box
  • In order to succeed we have to begin somewhere
  • Everyone has a purpose; search within to find it
  • Everything in your life has a meaning. The meaning in your life matters.
  • Inner strength and action conquers the world
  • Denied means one more step towards your goals and dreams
  • Many of us say “There has to be something out there better than what I am doing………There is!
  • Possibilities, Possibilities, Possibilities
  • Your passion is worth both your time and your effort!
  • On today I release doubt, fear, disbelief



By Ghorjus1

PS… Thank you Ida for opening your home to me as a child so that I could  begin my life’s journey…