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 Ghor-jus1 is having a mind set of confidence and self-esteem in times of adversities. The goal is to help others find inner peace and confidence within themselves when facing difficulties .  Envisioned in 2000  and later put on a license plate for her Ghorjus lip stick red BMW, Kathleen began the brand of Ghorjus1. Kathleen took the brand further in years to come, when she came to the realization that it’ s about confidence as well as  self-esteem and decided it should be shared with the world through apparel and accessories. Kathleen’s own lack of self confidence helped her to see the brand in this light. We as people are all about feelings, and emotional stability which are  main factors in one’s life style choices.  We do not only want people to look marvelous, but to also feel elevated about themselves regardless of race, gender, or sex.  We all are the Ghorjus1. The old saying, beauty is skin-deep has been lost. Each day people are faced with adversities, such as virtual bullying, illness, abuse, etc. You can never look at a person and know the every day struggles one goes through. During adverse times, our brand will help to  build the confidence in people and let them know that they  too can look within, love thy self, and rise above adversities.

Kathleen has  a passion for helping others. This social worker of twenty plus years  teamed up withe friends and opened Inner Peace Corp. a shelter for women located in the Englewood community of Chicago. The shelter was featured in the Chicago Defender newspaper in 2012. Although they use their own resources to keep their doors open, many times donations are received from various entities. The skills of these social workers and the principles of Ghorjus1 are used to bridge the gap of helping women gain confidence and independence so they can implement these skills and become productive members of society. As a child, Kathleen the CEO herself has experienced living in a shelter and is grateful for the help that she and her family received. This is why 100% of all donations of Ghorjus1 will go towards helping the homeless.

Also on the Ghorjus1 team is Tahsha Mitchell. With her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and her work experience in the hospitality industry, she knows how to interact with people from all walks of life. Her degree has instilled her with the knowledge of the business world. This millennial keeps the company in perspective with what people want, while still looking out for the best business practices of Ghorjus1. She also has a passion for serving others and making a positive impact on society as well through sports and mentoring college students transitioning out of the college life style and into the working world.

With the skills and knowledge of these two generations working together, Ghorjus1 will continue to inspire others and give back to the community in a huge way while still providing stylish fashions for our inner beautiful people to wear.

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